The three dogs above include our former AFH foster dog Tricky (left), Lew (middle, adopted from AFH at five years old) and Buttercup (right, adopted as a puppy from AFH).  

A special thanks to our wonderful neighbors for donating so many newspapers and other supplies! 

Welcome to our
family's fabulous foster pups 

We foster dogs through A Forever Home, www.aforeverhome.org


We created this webpage to share info about our fosters and ease the administrative burden associated with fostering.

We are currently fostering two adorable beagle-mix pups named Bonnie and Clyde. They are 7 weeks old.  Please check out our tab for more information about them above.  Although I will update this page with adoption procedures, for now, please refer to A Forever Home's webpage for details.  (Procedures are changing as covid evolves.)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at ourAFHfosters@yahoo.com.  

Meet the Current Foster Pups 

The cutest puppies ever....  Bonnie and Clyde!  See tab above for more pictures and adorable videos.

Bonnie & Clyde