The three dogs above include our former AFH foster dog Tricky (left), Lew (middle, adopted from AFH at five years old) and Buttercup (right, adopted as a puppy from AFH).  

A special thanks to our wonderful neighbors for donating so many newspapers and other supplies! 

Welcome to our
family's fabulous foster pups 

We foster dogs through A Forever Home, www.aforeverhome.org


We created this webpage to share info about our fosters and ease the administrative burden associated with fostering.

For a litter of puppies, we may receive hundreds of emails and over a hundred applications.  So, please read the AFH webpage carefully and look here before emailing.  We will do our best to post pictures and updates about our foster dogs.  [FYI, we are currently fostering a two-year old beagle mix named Lonnie.  See Lonnie tab above.  Adult dogs do not receive nearly as many inquiries as puppies, so please feel free to email with any questions - ourAFHfosters@yahoo.com.]


If you want to adopt, please submit an application to A Forever Home (AFH).  Applications may be found here: 

https://www.aforeverhome.org/forms/animal-adoption-forms/.  You will be put on a list in the order that we receive the application.  If you are next in line, you will be able to meet the puppy virtually before making your final decision.  See the Adoption Process tab above and A Forever Home's webpage for more details.


We will do our best to respond to your inquiries, but as you can imagine, it gets overwhelming - especially because we are trying to take care of the puppies too.  While we have a litter, I will update this page frequently.  I will post here when pups are chosen and have adoptions pending.  I will not notify you when your pup of choice or the litter is gone.  It just takes too long.  Instead, please look here.  

Meet the Current Foster Pups 

We currently help one fabulous foster, Cooper.  He's a 10-month old, 85-pound lab mix.  For more information, please see the Cooper tab above.


If you still have questions, you may contact us at ourAFHfosters@yahoo.com.