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A message from Lonnie -

Hi, my name is Lonnie, and I’m a two-year old, 30-pound beagle mix.  My foster family says I’m fabulous.  I came from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina and am very thankful to be out of there.  


When I was first transported here, I was super scared.  But after just a few hours, I felt so much better.  My foster family has two kids (ages 10 and 12), whom I adore.  They talk to me, pet me and walk me.  Every time they even look at me, I can’t help wagging my tail.  Actually, I wag my tail a lot.


My foster family also has other dogs.  They each have very different personalities, but I love them all.  The family says I’m super tolerant of their crazy, huge six-month old puppy, but the truth is, I really enjoy playing with him.  


I’m curious and very smart.  I care much more about TLC than treats.  I’m not crazy about the crate, but the foster family says I have to sleep in it at night, so I do.  It’s not that bad.  I love pleasing people, am generally quiet and am happy to cuddle on a dog bed alone, with another pup or on the floor near your feet.  If you call my name, no matter where I am, I will come running.


New friends

Pets from Granddad


I love all people!

I love toys!