The Adoption Process

though A Forever Home

The Adoption Process

The adoption process at A Forever Home (AFH) is slightly different since coronavirus has taken over.  AFH is no longer doing adoption events or allowing potential adoptees to meet the dogs in person.  I know this is a bummer, but it's important for AFH's liability and (more importantly) to keep us all safe.


When you find a pup that you like, you may ask questions before submitting your application, but please know you will not be put on a list for a particular dog (or pup in a particular litter) until you submit your application for that dog (or litter).  Applications can be found here - https://www.aforeverhome.org/forms/animal-adoption-forms/.  (You must print and then scan the completed application.  Hopefully, this will be computerized soon!)


[By the way, you do not need to submit multiple applications for each dog.  As long as we have an updated application from you, that is fine.  We may, however, ask that you forward the application directly to multiple people (the fosters) as a convenience to us.]


Once an application is received and you have expressed interest in a dog/litter, you will be put on the list.  The order that you are placed is determined by the exact time your information was submitted to AFH.  So, if you forward it to info@aforeverhome.org and they forward it to me and I take a day to respond, you will still be placed on the list as of the date and time of your original email to AFH.  Since some folks send directly to me and others go through the general info address, it can be hard to tell someone's exact place in line immediately.  But rest assured, I will sort out the correct order.


Once the pups are old enough, the foster (me) will contact the first person on the list (let's say, you!) to set up a virtual meet-and-greet with any dogs that you are interested in (let's say,"Rover").  If you fall in love with Rover and are 100% sure you want him, great!  [If you are not 100% sure, that's fine.  But we cannot process your application for him until you are POSITIVE that he's the pup you want.] 


At that point, I will have a meet-and-greet with the next person in line.  That next person will be able to choose from remaining dogs.  At the same time, I will forward your application to AFH saying that you have met and chosen Rover.  Someone else then interviews you, does a background check and a virtual home check.  


At that point, assuming all goes smoothly, you will be notified that your application was approved.  This whole process can be done very quickly (sometimes in less than a day, but not always).  AFH will then set up a time for you to sign their contract (in person in Gainesville, VA) and pay the fee ($425).   


You will then come to our house to pick up Rover.  It is mandatory that you pick up on the same day that you sign the contract. I will bring your pup outside and wear a mask.  Please, please, please wear a mask too. We have high risk folks in our household.  [FYI, we live in northern VA.]


Hopefully, this clarifies the process for folks!

**My family just volunteers with AFH.  We are not employees and have no authority to speak on AFH's behalf.  But we can say that we think it is a wonderful organization.  It's made up of many, many volunteers working tirelessly to save these fabulous pups.