Tricky is a five-year old hound mix, great with other dogs and kids, housetrained and super smart.  She is easy, affectionate and very sweet.   Although she loves long walks, she also enjoys sleeping much of the day.  She is fantastic.

Our routine is that I walk her (2 miles) in the morning, my 11-year old son walks her in the afternoons (about 15 minutes), and someone walks her at night.  Other than that she plays with Lew (one of our dogs), sleeps (much of the day!) and checks out our puppy litters.  She loves our frequent pets, enjoys being trained and likes to know what's going on.  

If you are not truly ready to make her part of your family for the rest of her life, please don't submit an application.  This girl has been through a lot and deserves to be with a family that will love her completely, give her exercise (whether it be long walks or time with a second dog in your yard) and understands that smart dogs need stimulation.  She will give you the world, but deserves the same level of love, respect and commitment from you.  

The Incredible Story Behind this Video..... 


Thirty-six hours after taking in this litter of 6-week old pups, the pups were rough housing as pups do, but it got intense.  I was out of their enclosure, but quickly looked up.  Rather than reacting immediately, the mom ("Tricky") looked at me.  I said, "This is for you to handle, Tricky.  Not me.  Go ahead."  I swear she understood.  The pups had stopped on their own, but Tricky found the offending pup and....  it took me a minute to fumble for my phone to video tape, but this is what happened.....  



Tricky is the smartest dog I have ever met.  It literally took about 5 minutes to teach her to sit.  



Best Friends

Tricky became fast friends with our dog Lew.  



Training "Stay"

Because Tricky is so incredibly smart, she is very easy to train. I started videotaping as soon as I started training.

*** Please note - I am not an expert trainer!


About 5 minutes later.....


Tricky Playing with our New Puppy 

& Small Tumor Removed


In this video, Tricky is playing with our new puppy. She is so sweet and gentle! 


You will also notice that her side is shaved.  She had surgery for a small marble-sized mast cell tumor in early November.  The lump was removed with clear margins, and she is ready to be adopted.  (That said, there is no guarantee it won't return.)

Tricky will bring you so much happiness and love.  Please consider adopting this amazing pup. ❤️