The Littlefield Litter

The Littlefield Litter is a group of nine pups that were dropped at a shelter in Mississippi in September, 2020.  Volunteers through A Forever Home drove them to Northern Virginia, where our family (also AFH volunteers) fostered them.  We are happy to report that all nine pups found wonderful, new homes.  Now that they are old enough, they are ready to meet their new families this week (Sept 21st).  Congrats to both new families and adorable pups.


Nap time in the sun

We weighed all pups in the Litterfield litter on Sept 15th (7 weeks, 1 day old). Here they are from smallest to largest (of course, they wouldn't stay still, so these are our best estimates only):

Betty 10lb 6 oz

Beatrice 10 8 oz

Bart 10 lb 14 oz

Blake 11 lb

Brenda 11 lb 3 oz

Blaine 11 lb 8 oz

Bruce.11 lb 11 oz

Brad 12 lb 7 oz

Bobby 13 lb 6 oz

puppy pen.jpg

Puppy pen



20200914_chew toys.jpg

Chewing with siblings

20200915_nap time.jpg


Littlefield Bart 20200913_150427.jpg
Littlefield Betty 20200913_143332.jpg
Littlefield Beatrice 20200913_142352.jpg
Litterfield - Brad 20200913.jpg
Littlefield Bobby 20200913_151539.jpg
Littlefield Branda 20200913_142918.jpg

The nail polish was my husbands brilliant idea to help us distinguish a few of these guys when they first arrived.

Littlefield Blaine 20200913_144305.jpg
Littlefield Blake 20200913_143846.jpg
Littlefield Bruce 20200913_152011.jpg

Congratulations to new families!